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Covid 19 - 

If you do not have any symptoms but wish to order a test kits - Click here for information on ordering Lateral Flow Test Kits

For up to date guidance on what to do if you do have symptoms - Click here for information if you do have symptoms

For up to date advice on Coronavirus - Click here for up to date information on Covid 19


As the NHS begins to rollout new treatments for those who test positive for Covid and are deemed at high risk, the Health Board have strict criteria for those that are eligible for the trials. You must first of all had a positive PCR test. Secondly you must be a high risk patient due to specific listed conditions (for example are receiving chemotherapy treatment, have renal or liver disease, have a solid cancer or haematological malignancy, immune deficiency conditions). If you wish to check if you are eligible please call NHS GG&C on 0800 121 7072. Do not call the Practice as we have no influence or control over who gets these treatments, including issuing the treatment.


Please note that you should not request your vaccine status information from your GP - call 0800 030 8013 or visit NHS Inform Scotland website.

A vaccination status letter can be downloaded from NHS Inform ( or, for people not online, they can requested in the post via a Freephone Vaccination Status Helpline: 0800 030 8013.

Patients who receive their vaccine outwith the UK will have to use whatever certification they are provided with from that country as proof of vaccination as it cannot be added to the NHS UK status letter or Covid app.


COVID-19 Certification – Exemptions – Interim Referral Form
Download COVID-19 Certification Exemptions Form


Video links for information on Covid-19 (in various languages)

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Video links for information on the Covid-19 vaccination

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The NEW Protect Scotland app is available - help keep the nation safe during the Coronavirus pandemic with track and protect. Download now for free at the Apple Store or Android Store.


Isolation note

Online Isolation notes are now available, if you need a note for your employer. Follow the instructions and download & print the note or have it emailed to you or your employer.

Latest guidance about COVID-19 from NHS Scotland and the Scottish Government, including advice for those who have been added to the shielding group, at risk patients (would receive the flu vaccine), social distancing and stay at home advice.

More information

Wearing a mask/face covering in public

If you require further information on wearing a mask or face covering please Click here for up to date information on Covid 19 or for the latest news on travelling on public transport First Glasgow or for exemption cards please visit Asthma UK